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FSA model clutches are designed for low speed overrunning and indexing applications in the torque range from 38,000 to 500,000 lb .ft . FSA clutches are oil lubricated and equipped with lip-type seals .

Product Features

  • Mount on a through shaft, with the inner race driven by a key
  • Designed with a special flange as the mounting surface for couplings for primary shaft to shaft inline applications
  • The ground O.D. of this flange is concentric with the bore
  • Tapped holes are provided for securing parts to the clutch .

Product Data Sheets

  • p-956-fc_fsa
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Product Catalog

  • Overrunning, Indexing, Backstopping Clutches

Service Manual

  • Overrunning Clutches Models FSA 1051 thru 5000 Installation

Related Literature

  • Application Guide Overruning Clutches
  • p-1723-4

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Formsprag FSA Clutch

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