15 November 2023

Regal Rexnord at IAAPA Expo 2023

Experience the Thrills of Amusement Ride Technology with Formsprag Clutch at IAAPA 2023

Regal Rexnord, a global leader in custom engineered power transmission solutions, is thrilled to participate in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions annual convention in Orlando, Florida!

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17 October 2023

vTOL Interview

How are VTOLs a ‘game changer’ for aircraft industry? Q&A with Formsprag Clutch engineer & sales manager

Formsprag Clutch has decades of experience engineering custom clutch and brake solutions for aircraft manufacturers. In this interview, engineer and sales manager Chris Cronin explains how VTOLs/eVTOLS will shape the future of the aircraft industry.

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27 February 2023

Wooden Roller Coaster

Formsprag Model FSO-500 Overrunning Clutch World’s Longest Wooden Roller Coaster

An overrunning clutch was needed for use on the world’s longest wooden roller coaster located at a major amusement park in Ohio.

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12 January 2023

Nuclear Option

The nuclear option for power transmission

With the global shift to low carbon sources, nuclear power is very much back on the energy agenda. These complex, high value installations require equipment that attains the utmost quality standards to ensure reliable operation.

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08 December 2022

Power Review Q4 2022 Just Released

Find out what is inside this issue of the Power Review 2022 Q4.

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