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Formsprag Model HSB pump backstopping clutches are used on a variety of wastewater applications including, clarifier tank sludge removal pumps, sludge and microorganism pumps, screw conveyors, and transfer pumps. FRB Series backstopping clutches and SB pump backstops can be used on some of the same applications. The clutches are used to prevent pump impellers from rotating backwards (backflow) when the pump motor is off and back pressure is present.

Clarifier Tank Sludge Removal Applications

Clarifier Tank Sludge Removal Pumps

Screw Conveyor Applications

Screw Conveyors

Sludge Digestor Pumps

Sludge Digester Pumps

Sludge Microorganism Pump Applications

Sludge & Microorganism Pumps

Sludge Pump Applications

Sludge Pumps

Transfer Pump Applications

Transfer Pumps

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