Aerospace and Defense

17 October 2023

vTOL Interview

How are VTOLs a ‘game changer’ for aircraft industry? Q&A with Formsprag Clutch engineer & sales manager

Formsprag Clutch has decades of experience engineering custom clutch and brake solutions for aircraft manufacturers. In this interview, engineer and sales manager Chris Cronin explains how VTOLs/eVTOLS will shape the future of the aircraft industry.

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20 October 2022

VTOL for aerospace and defense

Are you innovating eVTOL/VTOL vehicles? Formsprag Clutch is your partner for overrunning sprag clutches, brakes

The rapidly growing interest in various types of eVTOL/VTOL aircraft has created a highly competitive market environment for vehicle OEMs.

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20 June 2022

International Space Station Telescope

Formsprag Custom EBR Brake for International Space Station Telescope

A reliable braking solution was required for the new Coronal Diagnostic Experiment (CODEX) telescope installed on the International Space Station (ISS). The solar coronagraph telescope will measure electron density, velocity and temperature of the solar wind.

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21 February 2018

Heli-Expo 2018

Brands of Altra Industrial Motion at Heli-Expo 2018, Feb 27th - Mar 1st

Ameridrives and Formsprag Clutch will be representing Altra Industrial Motion at Heli-Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, NV from February 27th-March 1st.

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23 February 2017

Aircraft Engine Removal and Installation Trailer

Custom Backstop/Torque Limiter Clutches for Aircraft Engine Removal/Installation Trailer

A leading aerospace ground support equipment manufacturer located in Australia required a custom set of clutches for an engine removal and installation (R&I) trailer used by F-35 strike fighter aircraft maintenance crews.

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