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Fixed Wing Aircraft

Solutions for Commercial and Military Fixed Wing Aircraft

Your project may be a commercial mainline passenger transport, a cargo jet, or a regional jet. Or your project may be a military fighter jet or cargo-lifter. No matter the fixed wing aircraft type, Formsprag Clutch has the expertise and creativity to solve your electro-mechanical power transmission challenges.

Formsprag Clutch can offer a solution when a purely mechanical, one-way or bi-directional clutch or backstop is needed, such as in air turbine starters, auxiliary power unit (APU) starters, and accessory gearboxes.

If an electric clutch or brake is the favored technology for the application, Formsprag Clutch can meet your requirements with a custom clutch or brake for control and holding in applications including seat positioning, control surfaces, landing gears, and weapons positioning and loading.

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