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Formsprag Clutch

Electrically Released Clutches and Brakes

Electrically Released Clutches and Brakes for Aerospace Market

Where standard clutches and brakes disengage when power is removed, Electrically released designs engage so that when power fails or is turned off loads can be stopped and held safely in position. Vertical, declining or eccentric loads can all benefit from Electrically released brake control.  

Product offerings will cover a wide range of solutions such as:

  • Small spring set holding brakes for integration into subfractional or servo motors.
  • Packaged brake solutions for moderate range control of internal process.
  • High capacity loading holding brakes for interior cargo lift mechanisms.
    • A large range of sizes and torques to suit any application
    • 0.8 inch to over 15 inch diameter (20 mm to over 380 mm diameter)
    • Virtually endless possibilities for customized solutions