Rebuild & Overhaul Service

Remanufactured Clutches... Look like New, Warrantied like New.

Formsprag Rebuild Service Department can refurbish your overrunning clutches. We take your worn, scaled, seized, scored, or rough running clutches and make them like new…for substantially less than the replacement cost.

As a major manufacturer of overrunning clutches, we have the people, facilities, and experience to rebuild and replace all components as needed. The same standards of excellence that exist in the manufacture of original equipment clutches are closely adhered to in the overhaul procedure of every rebuilt clutch.

The difference is not just cosmetic.

Formsprag Before and After

The Rebuild Service Department will perform the following procedures to restore your overrunning clutches to original specifications with a new warranty:

All internal components– sprags, energized springs, retainer, bearings, seal and hardware are refurbished or replaced to new performance standards. The inner and outer races are ground to specifications noted below so that no wear patterns remain.

  • Sprag Surface is hardened to 58-62 Rc
  • Sprag Surface finish is 15-25 microinches
  • Sprag Surface taper limit is 0.0002 inch per inch

Consider these advantages:

  • Price – A guaranteed savings of 30% (compared to list price for a new unit).
  • Speed – Clutches are received, inspected and rebuilt in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Warranty – 1 Year on labor and materials, same as new clutches
  • Emergency Breakdown Program – All products that are air freighted into the Formsprag Clutch plant are processed immediately and, in most cases, are able to be rebuilt within a 24-hour period.

We’re also interested in helping you prevent problems and failures. We can recommend a preventive maintenance schedule for all your clutches.

Contact your representative or our Warren Plant for details on our cost-saving program.

Formsprag Products are only Rebuilt and Serviced at the Formsprag Plant in Warren, Michigan and call 1-800-927-3262