Be a forerunner in aeronautical safety innovations with our

state-of-the-art braking and clutch solutions for your eVTOL / VTOL aircrafts.

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Formsprag Clutch, a global leader in clutch and brake technologies, is a reliable, trusted partner for precision manufacturing that is compliant with the highest standards of regulation and certification, proudly holding both AS9100 and ISO9001:2015 certifications, for overrunning sprag clutches, electromagnetic clutches, and brakes.

ISO 9001 SGS System Certification
AS 9100 SGS System Certification
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Formsprag clutches and brakes are exceptionally versatile in VTOL aircrafts

  • Compatible with electric battery, hybrid, hydrogen, or turbine engine power systems
  • Suitable for multirotor, tilt-rotor, or decoupled-propulsive drive systems
  • Adaptable to configurations with 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, or more vertical thrust tilt rotors/ fans
  • Incorporates pusher/ lateral rotors/ fans for optimized propulsion
  • Compatible with both piloted and remote-controlled models
  • Designed for aircraft with tilt and/or foldable wings
  • Tailored for diverse purposes such a passenger, cargo, or combined transportation
  • Ensures reliability with redundant electric motors on all rotors/ fans
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Why choose Formsprag Clutches and Brakes

Decades of Experience

Trusted by most major OEMs for innovative power solutions, Formsprag Clutch has served the aerospace industry since 1943 and offers over 500 years of combined engineering experience.

Responsive Engineering Support

Whether you need a modified standard product or a completely custom solution, Formsprag’s talented team of engineers are there to support you from initial concept to custom prototyping delivered quickly to help improve speed-to-market.

Precision Manufacturing and Certifications

We understand the flight-critical nature of aerospace applications and utilize cutting-edge manufacturing technologies including in-house heat treating and metallurgical testing labs. Safety is our highest priority – we have AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certifications and procedures in place to ensure mission-critical success.

Proven Expertise

Formsprag Clutch offers unparalleled industry expertise when it comes to the performance, precision, safety, and quality of our products thanks to rigorous testing procedures.

Formsprag Electromagnetic Clutch and Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Increase your efficiency with Formsprag’s cutting-edge solutions

Formsprag offers a wide selection of energy-efficient electric clutches and brakes designed to reduce power consumption.

Virtually any VTOL application can be solved with a custom electric or hydraulic clutch or brake solution from Formsprag.

Formsprag Overrunning Sprag Clutches

Overrunning Sprag Clutches

Increase your durability with Formchrome®

Overrunning clutches (sprag retainer assemblies, one-way clutches, or freewheels) permit drive during normal operations and autorotation during emergencies.