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Formsprag FSO Overrunning Clutches for Steel Slab Mill

March 4, 2019
steel slab mill

A steel slab mill utilized three cooling water pumps connected to a common manifold. Each vertically-mounted pump was driven by a 1,750 HP electric motor operating at 890 RPM. The mill was experiencing short operating life from the overrunning clutches mounted on the top end of all three electric motors. The clutches prevent each pump from backflowing when its motor needed to be shut down for servicing.

To meet the application requirements Formsprag Clutch supplied 10" diameter FSO-800 clutches with a 13,000 lb.ft. (17,680 Nm) torque capacity. The replacement clutches were shipped with special high-temperature grease and installed with increased clearance around the torque arm to accommodate thermal growth that can cause binding.

FSO overrunning clutches feature a high torque density and require no adjustments or controls. These clutches mount on a through shaft, with the inner race driven by a key. All models contain Formchrome® sprags and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers.

Formsprag Model FSO Overrunning Clutches

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  • 13,000 lb.ft. (17,680 Nm) torque capacity
  • High-temp grease
  • Formchrome┬« sprags
  • Free-action retainers
  • Requires no adjustments or controls
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