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Formsprag Modified FSO Clutch for Corrugated Paperboard Machine

January 21, 2015
Corrugated Paperboard Machine

A global manufacturer of corrugated paperboard equipment was receiving requests from a number of their customers for reduced maintenance on their equipment. In response, the OEM began to review all components on their machines to determine ways of reducing maintenance requirements. Their clutch distributor contacted Formsprag to see if they could replace a competitor’s overrunning clutch with a maintenance-free solution.

The overrunning clutch allows the feed drive to power rollers at a low speed when threading the leading edge of a new roll of material through the corrugator. When the material is fully threaded and ready to be pulled at production speeds, the unit unclutches the feed drive allowing those same rollers to be rotated at faster speeds without back driving the lower speed feed drive. The clutch automatically disconnects the lower speed feed drive during higher speed operation and prevents possible damage to the feed drive if back driven at the higher speeds.

Formsprag engineers developed a modified FSO-500 maintenance-free clutch design with a 284 lb.ft. (385 Nm) torque capacity to meet the customer’s requirements. FSO automatic backstopping clutches feature a high torque density, are lubricated for life and require no adjustments or controls.

The new clutch was designed to match all of the customer’s existing mounting interface dimensions so that it can be easily installed to reduce the maintenance on older equipment currently in the field.

Formsprag Modified FSO Clutch

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  • Modified FSO maintenance-free clutch design
  • 284 lb.ft. (385 Nm) torque capacity
  • Require no adjustments or controls
  • Designed to fit existing mounting interface dimensions
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