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Formsprag Clutch
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Formsprag Clutch

Clutch and Backstop Grouping


For over 50 years, Formsprag Clutch has been the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable long-lived overrunning clutches for a wide spectrum of industrial applications including mining, aerospace & defense, packaging, food processing, and material handling.

By offering the broadest range of both sprag and ramp & roller type overrunning clutches and backstops available globally, Formsprag Clutch, together with our sister company Stieber Clutch in Germany, is the world's leading authority for solving application challenges requiring overrunning clutches.


Formsprag Before and After

Formsprag Rebuild Service

Remanufactured Clutches... Look like New, Warranteed like New.

Formsprag Rebuild Service Department can refurbish your overrunning clutches. We take your worn, scaled, seized, scored, or rough running clutches and make them like new…for substantially less than the replacement cost.

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General & Special Purpose Clutches

• Ball Bearing Supported
• Sleeve Bearing Supported

• Bearing Envelope Design
• Not Self-supporting

General Clutches

Special Purpose Clutches

Backstopping Clutches

• Holdback
• Detachable Torque Arm
• Integral Torque Arm
• Bi-directional
Backstopping Clutches

Modular Clutch Components

Building Block System

• Clutches
• Flanges
• Covers


Modular Clutch Components


Clutch Couplings

• Overrunning Clutches
• Couplings
Clutch Couplings
Formsprag has Dramatically
Reduced Lead Times!
  • Over 220 Clutches in the Premier Products Program Ship SAME DAY
  • Over 840 FSO, HPI & FSR Products Ship in 2 to 3 Days

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