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Formsprag Model SB Backstopping Clutches for Mine Water Pumps

A global manufacturer of pumping systems needed a reliable clutch solution for use on mine water pumps. The packaged system consisted of six electric motor driven pumps connected to a manifold to transport water at a copper mine. Backstopping clutches were required to prevent backflow when one or more of the pumps were shut down. If left unprotected, water backflow would drive the impeller and motor in the wrong direction, causing significant powertrain damage when the pumps were re-started.

To meet the challenging requirements, Formsprag provided ball bearing supported Model SB-600 backstopping clutches, designed specifically for pump applications. The standard oil-lubricated SB-600 model has a compact length requiring only an additional 3.2 inches between the motor and pump shaft with a 1,600 lb. ft. (2176 Nm) torque capacity.

The Model SB (shaft bore) clutch was installed on the motor and pump in the system to provide backstopping function. The SB clutch has an inner race that features a bore on one side that will mount onto the motor shaft, and a male shaft extending out from the other side that is connected to the pump shaft with a coupling.

Formsprag Model SB Backstopping Clutches


  • 1600 lb.ft. (2176 Nm) torque capacity
  • Oil-lubricated
  • Requires no adjustments or controls

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