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Formsprag Model FL Bi-Directional Backstopping Clutch for Artillery Gun

Formsprag Clutch was selected to provide a clutch solution for use on the U.S. Army towed howitzer artillery piece. Operated by a 5-man crew, the gun utilizes a digital fire control system that provides navigation, pointing and self-location. The gun can accurately fire a 155mm GPS-guided munition at a range of up to 25 miles (40 km)

Form-Lock (FL) bi-directional clutches were chosen to meet the challenging gun drive system application requirements. These clutches, also known as “No-Backs,” provide a holding brake and allow for accurate positioning of the gun’s elevation and azimuth drives. The clutch is used to smoothly and quickly position the gun barrel in the presence of the overhauling forces of gravity, providing precise movements.

Built to withstand tough battlefield and industrial environments, Form-Lock clutches are available with torque ratings up to 4800 (542 Nm).

Formsprag Clutch Model FL Bi-Directional Backstopping Clutch


  • Bi-Directional clutch
  • Torque ratings up to 4800 (542 Nm)

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