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Altra Industrial Motion bringing latest innovations to Paris Air Show

This year’s Paris Air show will see many highlights and innovations designed to improve the performance and reliability of the aerospace industry. The companies of Altra Industrial Motion will be exhibiting a range of products that demonstrate the expertise and precision available from the industry leading brands for electro-mechanical power transmission products.

The Paris Air Show (Salon du Bourget), which is held on alternate years, is the world’s largest and oldest air show, having already achieved its 50th anniversary. With a similar heritage, Altra has been delivering technological advances in design, materials and manufacturing for both the aerospace and defence sectors.

Warner Electric x-small Brake

At this year’s event, Warner Electric, which has design and manufacturing facilities in France and in the US, will be explaining the benefits of its latest product range, the X-Small brake, which is designed to provide a compact braking solution for engaged / disengaged holding applications, such as seat adjustment on an aeroplane. The range consists of 6 standard sizes which range from 22mm – 33.5mm diameter (30g – 100g) and offer up to 50Ncm of static torque.

Since most of the potential applications will require a customised fitting, Warner Electric approaches every situation with a view to designing the most efficient and functional solution. Therefore, it customises a bespoke adaptor flange for each customer to ensure perfect mounting every time.

The range of electrically released, spring-set holding brakes is designed to offer the same performance capabilities of similarly sizes permanent magnet solutions. Warner has subjected the X-Small brake range to extensive testing prior to launch and are able to confidently state that this latest development offers the same static torque capacity, is lighter than the competition and also more cost competitive.

Warner Electric is the global leader for the manufacture of electromagnetic clutches and brakes that can be customised to precisely fit an application. This bespoke service and attention to detail is recognised within the aerospace and defence sectors as a key attribute that can benefit a wide range of applications.

Formsprag Bi Directional Clutch Group

Also exhibiting at the air show will be Formsprag Clutch, offering solutions when a purely mechanical, one-way or bi-directional clutch or backstop is needed, such as in air turbine starters, auxiliary power unit (APU) starters, and accessory gearboxes. Formsprag sprag retainer assemblies are regularly used in the driveline gearboxes of multi-engine helicopters to allow twinning of the engines for efficient power sharing and synchronisation or disengagement of one engine.

Formsprag freewheels offer many other unique features that set them apart from competing products in the aerospace industry. The Formsprag positive continuous engagement (PCE) design prevents sprag rollover during torque overload conditions – a safety advantage in aerospace applications.

Kilian Custom Rolling Bearings

Finally, for the cargo transport sector, Kilian Manufacturing will be exhibiting its custom-machined, rolling bearings and cargo roller products. As a leading manufacturer of precision-machined bearings for specialist applications, Kilian can deliver superior engineering and support that can deliver solutions for fixed wing aircraft, even when tight product approval and delivery schedules are required.

All the members of the Altra Industrial Motion Group understand the unique requirements of the aerospace market and have in place the systems and processes to assure uninterrupted supply of product for both military and commercial applications. Since many aerospace applications are considered flight safety and mission critical, Altra Industrial Motion has established the systems and procedures necessary to support success.

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