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Formsprag Model FSR Backstopping Clutch for Punch Press Feed Drive

A Formsprag sleeve-bearing FSR clutch was selected by a leading press OEM for retrofitting onto an older stamping machine. The machine’s original clutch had begun to show signs of wear after several years of service. The FSR is used as a backstopping clutch on the press feed drive.

The clutch is mounted on one end of the feed drive roller with the outer race grounded using a torque arm. This installation allows the drive roller to rotate in only the desired direction. Press feed rollers that handle steel and other stiff materials pulled from a coil need to resist the material’s natural tendency to spring backwards or re-coil.

An FSR-12 model, with a torque rating of 1,350 lb.ft. (1,836 Nm) and a maximum inner race overrunning speed of 1,150 RPM, was supplied for this application. All FSR clutches incorporate Formchrome® sprags for maximum life and resistance to wear. The FSR-12 utilizes a Formsprag “Free-action” sprag retainer. A keyseat and snap-ring groove are provided to secure attached parts to the hub. The oil-lubricated unit has a Buna-N oil seal at each end of the clutch which provides positive lubricant sealing. The seals can be removed for free lubricant flow if the clutch is operated in an oil bath.

Formsprag FSR Backstopping Clutch


  • Custom sprag design
  • Sprags feature patented Formchrome® surface hardening
  • “Free-action” sprag retainer
  • 1,350 lb.ft. (1,836 Nm) torque capacity
  • 1,150 RPM Max overrunning speed
  • Buna-N oil seals

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