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Formsprag Model HPI Indexing Clutch for Food Conveyor

A major food processing OEM needed a cost-effective indexing clutch solution for use on a new cookie filling machine. The indexing clutch is mounted on the conveyor head shaft and translates the reciprocating motion from the crank mechanism into incremental motion in one direction, advancing the conveyor a uniform distance with each drive stroke and then overrunning in the opposite direction on the return stroke.

HPI indexing clutches from Formsprag were chosen over competitive units to meet the challenge of this washdown application. HPI ball bearing clutches are specially designed for medium to heavy-duty indexing applications in excess of 150 strokes/min. or greater than 90 degrees of index, to provide the superior dependability, uniformity and long life performance.

Model HPI 550 clutches were supplied with a torque capacity of 1,885 lb.ft. (2598 Nm). The clutches feature lip type seals and were shipped with FDA-approved, food-grade grease. The units also featured an anodized coating developed to withstand the rigors of caustic washdown environments.

Formsprag HPI Indexing Clutch


  • HPI 550 clutches feature a torque capacity of 1,885 lb.ft. (2598 Nm)
  • FDA-approved, food-grade grease with lip type seals
  • Anodized coating withstands caustic wash downs

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