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Formsprag Clutch Model FSO Overrunning Clutches for Auto Assembly Dual-Drive Conveyor

Formsprag clutches were selected for use on the conveyor system in a Midwestern auto assembly plant. FSO overrunning clutches were mounted on the lead shaft of the dual-drive conveyor system to provide instantaneous switching from the primary drive to a stand-by drive in case either drive fails. This drive configuration ensures that the assembly line keeps moving to maintain production schedules.

Mounting the clutches between each drive and the conveyor allows for automatic clutching and de-clutching when switching from one drive to the other without any utility, including air lines, or input to the clutch.

Formsprag FSO overrunning, ball-bearing clutches feature PCE sprags with Formchrome® and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers. Model FSO 800 clutches were supplied with a torque capacity of 7,000 lb.ft. (17940 Nm) to meet the requirements of this application. Since the drives of this floor-mounted conveyor are located in tight below-floor wells, a special low-temp grease lubricant was specified (in lieu of standard oil lubricant) due to the limited service access.

Utilizing FSO clutches on this dual-drive application reduced installation and operating costs by eliminating the need for controls or activation mechanisms.

Formsprag Model FSO Overrunning Clutches


  • FSO 800 clutches supplied with a torque capacity of 7,000 lb.ft. (17940 Nm)
  • PCE sprags with Formchrome® and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers
  • Special low-temp grease lubricant

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