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Overrunning clutch speed is a major determining factor in selecting the design best suited for each application. Ramp & roller clutches are used for applications with low-to-medium overrunning speeds and for indexing. Sprag clutches are the choice for applications with high overrunning speeds and for backstopping.

With each basic design there are several variations to choose from to meet specific application requirements. These variations include clutches with or without internal bearings, as well as a range of mounting flanges, covers and couplings.

Product Features

  • Automatic engagement and disengagement
  • Delayed engagement produces a “no load start”
  • No slippage at full running speed
  • Controlled soft-start acceleration
  • 100% efficient at rated speed
  • Standard, spring control, and deep pocket models
  • Protection against shock loads during start-up
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Product Catalog

  • Overrunning, Indexing, Backstopping Clutches

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