• Solutions for the
    Aerospace & Defense Market

    Exceptionally reliable Formsprag
    solutions are hard at work
    in the Aerospace and Defense Market.

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  • Featured Newsroom Ski Lift
    Model FSO Overrunning
    Clutches for Ski Lifts

    Formsprag FSO 500 overrunning ball bearing
    clutches were selected for use on the resort’s lifts due to
    their exceptional reliability and long-lasting performance.

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    Model FSO Product
  • Inclined Conveyor
    Model FHB High Speed
    External Backstops

    Designed for use on inclined conveyor
    and bucket elevators

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    Model FHB Backstops

Formsprag Clutch provides superior overrunning clutch technologies for challenging industrial applications worldwide.

For more than 50 years Formsprag Clutch has been known as the world’s leading authority for the design and manufacture of long-life overrunning clutches, backstops, bi-directional clutches and clutch couplings. Formsprag offers the broadest range of both sprag and ramp & roller type overrunning clutches and backstops available globally.

ISO 9001 SGS System Certification
AS 9100 SGS System Certification
ANAB Accredited Logo

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